The Story of a Photo Like No Other in the World “I Talk With Photos”


“I talk with my pictures”
Hawkeye Huey is a five-year-old* photographer who lives in Seattle, WA. USA.
“I used to get nervous around people I didn’t know. Sometimes it was hard to talk to them. I felt shy…”
But after his father gave him an instax camera, the once shy Hawkeye began to communicate with people he just met, by taking pictures with the camera and giving the prints to them on the spot.
“Take an instant to make a memory”
A single instax print helped a little boy find courage.
See the power and possibility instax prints can possess in this heartwarming video.
*As of May 2015

Hawkeye Huey's profile

Hawkeye Huey is a preschooler who likes bows and arrows, tree houses, rockets, and NASA. He is also the youngest photographer represented by National Geographic Creative, having signed at age 4.
His unique perspective with his subjects fascinates so many people, that his Instagram account has grown to be over 85,800 followers* (and the number is still increasing).
He is very handy with the instant camera “FUJIFILM Instax”, and when he travels with his father (National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey), he has a quiet exchange with people he encounters, by taking pictures with his Instax and gives them the gift of Instax prints on the spot.
A book of his American portraits is expected in Fall of 2015
*As of May 2015