Log-in error to Instagram

[State of the problem]

[The following error has been resolved.]

The following error message appears when logging into an Instagram account from the instax SHARE app.

error_type: 0AuthException code 400 error_messeage
Redirect URI does not match registered redirect URI

Currently we are checking details further and expecting to solve this problem within a month.

If you are setting the uploaded image to Instagram to be automatically saved in your device, you can print the image from your camera roll (Photo library).

If not, please follow the temporary solution to print images from your Instagram account until we release the upgraded firmware.

[Temporary solution]

1. Share the image from Instagram to Facebook
1) Open the official Instagram app.
2) Tap to enlarge the image you want to save.
3) Open the menu on the upper right "・・・" .
4) Tap "Share".
5) Select the SNS of Facebook.
6) Select "Log in by Facebook App."

2. How to print
Method 1:
Print the image directly from Facebook.
(1) Tap "Select from SNS" on the top screen of the instax SHARE App.
(2) Log into Facebook, select the image, and print it.

Method 2:
Print after saving the image to your device.
(1) Open the official Facebook app.
(2) Select the image you want to save.
(3) Open the menu on the upper right "・・・" .
(4) Click "Store image" on the menu.
(5) From the instax SHARE App, select the image saved in your device, and print.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

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