Create instax photos from the precious memories in your smartphone

"The best moments in your life are stored in your smartphone:
Happy times you spent with your friends, breathtaking scenery you just had to capture.."

With the instax SHARE you can take these memories and create credit card-sized instax photos.

Enjoy giving the photos as presents or using them as decorations.
Looking at the photos will bring you back to those happy moments when you took the original pictures.

See for yourself just how much happiness one instax photo can create.

What will you print?

Flying SUMO Wrestler


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Download Free
“instax SHARE” App

Just by downloading Fujifilm's proprietary free app,
you can print smartphone images easily.

[Operating environment]

· Android™ phones: Installed with Android Ver. 4.0 or later and Google Play.

· iPhones: Installed with iOS Ver. 8.0 or later.

* Some types of phones satisfying the above conditions may not be compatible with instax SHARE even if the app is installed.

* With regard to customers who use Android ver. 6.0.x or later, there is a case that the connection between the smartphone and the printer does not work if GPS function is OFF.For customers corresponding to this phenomenon, please turn on the GPS function when you use instax SHARE.