Square Format Film
Makes its Global Debut!
Report on Display at the World’s
Largest Camera Trade Show
photokina 2016

2016.10.14 Update

photokina is the world’s largest camera and photography trade show held every other year in the German city of Cologne. The FUJIFILM Square Format Film was put on display at this event, which captures the eyes of camera fans all over the world.

The basic concept for the exhibition booth was the Future Standard for extensively expanding the range of photographic expression, and FUJIFILM worked at its booth to demonstrate the impact and the appeal of the Square Format. In addition, they played a promotional video at the booth that introduced part of the exterior look of the camera for the Square Format that is currently under development. The video drew a lot of attention from the general public and journalists. They asked about the features of the camera and voiced their anxious excitement about its upcoming release. There was a lot of activity around the booth throughout the exhibition.

Further news about products featuring the Square Format will be published on this website.

In addition to the Square Format, the FUJIFILM booth at photokina 2016 also exhibited an extensive array of things from the instax series, proposals, and works by professional photographers, emphasizing the many different ways in which the instax meets the needs of various lifestyles. The booth also had a section that allowed visitors to try it out and take some pictures of their own. A total of nearly 12,000 visitors were able to experience the fun of using the instax during the exhibition. Also, the new product, called the Monochrome film for the instax mini series, generated a great response. The six-day presentation succeeded in showing the visitors the value of instant photography that allows for the artistic portrayal of specific scenes of everyday life and vacation memories.

Instant photography holds great potential for use in all the different situations of daily life. The mission of the instax series is to enrich people’s everyday lives and add a touch of extra beauty through the Square Format.