instax SQUARE

  • I visit Paris often for work. I love this city for its beautiful scenery.

  • My babies are waiting for their snacks. They’re being so good.

  • This scenery spread before my eyes on the way back from filming today. The beautiful sky and sea at sunset are one of my power spots.

  • I took this picture when my grandmother came to visit Tokyo and we wore yukata robes together.

  • Work is something I LOVE, something I can’t do without.

  • Having fun at a summer BBQ. Everyone brought food and we celebrated with a toast.

  • I saw this lavender field when I went to visit my family in my hometown in Hokkaido. It was such a colorful and beautiful landscape.

  • I took this shot with my cute little dogs Coco and Chocolat, which often come with me to filming locations. Every year I take pictures with them for calendars as well.

  • Moisturizer is my life. I gave myself a touch up with a partial cotton pack even while on the move.


Vol. 01
PROFILE Aya Omasa Japanese Actress and Fashion Model

Aya Omasa debuted as an exclusive model for teen-oriented fashion magazines. Currently, she is active as a fashion model mainly in Japan’s major fashion magazines.
Since 2006, she has also appeared in numerous TV dramas and movies, while also working as the host of TV educational programs, and is in the spotlight in a wide range of fields.