instax SQUARE

  • 20170913 A cinema I went to with my grandmother on summer break

  • 20180102 The first wall

  • 20151205 Weather will be fine again tomorrow

  • 20180103 A beautiful memory

  • 20170327 She’s going to be a bride

  • 20150624 A stone made of bitter tears

  • 20170702 Lonely island on land

  • 20180104 It’s alright once in a while

  • 20160822 Your face was just like this


Vol. 03
PROFILE Otani Miyu

Active as both a model and a writer in fashion magazines, catalogs, and advertising.Also works in planning with various other writers and creators.
Loves the Showa period (1926–1989) and coffee shops. Nickname: “Omiyu”.