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"TRANSIT" magazine travels to the South of India to capture the hearts of the people using Instax Mini 90 Film!

When travelling, Instax film can be a great way of connecting with people. The Chief Editor of “Transit magazine“ which is Travel Culture magazine, visited the South of India to try out the Instax Mini 90 Film. Through instax photo, they discover the heart of the local people. This is from the special March issue of Transit magazine and can be found on the Cheki Press website.
Instax photo can be a great way to connect people on your travels. The Chief Editor of Transit magazine travelled to the South of India to test the new Instax Mini 90, and through the use of Instax photo discovered the hearts of the locals.
This report is from 35th “Transit Magazine” which was out on March 17 2017 and can be found of the

Q3. When do you feel happy?


Selvam (34), Kangnan (53) / When they are eating fish. / To my surprise they drew a cute picture of a fish on the Instax photo. They both work as taxi drivers.


Sganya (24) / going to parks / She was travelling with her family from Tamil Nadu. We met on the beach in Fort Kochi.


Mani (27) / listening to music / He was working at a juice stand and told me about his favourite singer.


Lema(20), Monisheli(16) / dressing up / They were going to a friend’s wedding. I loved the beautiful flower hair pieces they used to decorate their hair!


Areem (13) / listening to music / He told me about his favourite rapper and singer and gave me his coolest pose for the shot.


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