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Main visual

Photos of the SURI with instax

This shooting with instax was set in Ethiopia to take photos of rarely known ethnic minorities and their towns.

The main purpose of this journey was to take photos of SURI peope with instax. They dress up themselves with flowers so gorgeously that they are called the most fashionable tribe in the world. (Kibish, Ethiopia)


They gathered at once as the shooting started. They knew they could get paid by modelling, so they gathered around and wouldn’t leave. (Kibish, Ethiopia)


There was a girl with the biggest bunch of flowers on her head, which looked like Elvis Presley’ hair, and no one could see her face from above. The wreath on her neck was also her hand-made. (Kibish, Ethiopia)


There was another girl being deep in thought, and I couldn’t help shooting her beauty. (Kibish, Ethiopia)


Their body-paintings with real flowers cut and stuck to their bodies were so fascinating. They use everything around them to dress up more beautifully, such as a top of plastic bottle as stamp. (Kibish, Ethiopia)

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nagi yoshida

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