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Alena Gaponova (France)

instax User / Fashion Blogger

Half Russian, half French, I arrived in Paris in 2011. Before I lived in a quiet town in French Alps. I really love art and I have tried lots of different kind of media: sculpture, modelling, acrylic painting, and watercolour paintings. When I arrived in Paris to exhibit my paintings, I was alone and I started a project about the monuments of Paris I took lot of self-portraits with a tripod, and I discovered Paris at the same time. Then, I worked in a model agency as a communication manager, I discovered a lot about fashion world and fashion photographers. I began film-based photography in 2012 and I developed a real passion for analog photography. Naturally, I chose an Instax wide to instantly see the result of my work, and then I discovered the neo-classic Instax mini integrates lots of functions that help me to show my love for Paris through this project....More