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Tatiana BLINOVA (Russia)


Tatiana Blinova was born in 1986 in Kazakhstan, ex-USSR. Since 2005 her focus is on photography and film.
Tatiana’s photographic works have been exhibited at Mar’s Gallery, Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art, Artplay Design Center (Moscow), Casa de las Artes La Ronda (Quito, Ecuador).
She also collaborated with Fujifilm Russia on her instant photo project “Staritsa”, which documents life of a small town founded in 1297 and shows the most of Russia’s historical milestones.
In October, 2012 Tatiana visited Pripyat, a city in northern Ukraine abandoned after the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster of 1986 to photographically explore the impacted region. In 2013 she began a journey through Americas for her art-project “QUERIDO DIOS,”.
Inspired to create while traveling, she considers herself a nomad photographer, fulfilling her projects in North, Central and South America, Western and Central Asia, North Africa.
Today Tatiana is based in Paris, exploring Eastern and Western Europe....More