When using the INSTAX SHARE Android App

(Japanese name: Sumaho de Cheki)

Thank you for using the INSTAX SHARE (Japanese: Sumaho de Cheki) Android App.
The following firmware update is planned for the INSTAX SHARE (Japanese: Sumaho de Cheki) Android App to ensure optimal future performance.

Version: V3.4.8
Release date: April 26, 2023

As shown in the table below, some features are unavailable in version V3.4.8 as we work to make the App permanently available on Google Play Store.
Features that are currently unavailable are planned for release in version V3.4.9 - expected Fall 2023. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, and thank you for your understanding.

○:Available ×:Unavailable
V3.4.7 V3.4.8(Tentative) V3.4.9(Tentative)
Release date: Released April 26, 2023 Planned for Fall 2023
Supported OS versions 4.0.1 or later 9 or later 9 or later
Features Select from gallery
Shoot with camera ×
Real time templates ×
Save ×
My templates ×

If you wish to continue using the features listed above,do not update the App (continue using V3.4.7).
If automatic updates are on, the App will automatically update to V3.4.8. Follow the instructions below to turn automatic updates off.
Once you update to V3.4.8, you cannot revert to V3.4.7. V3.4.7 is no longer available for download, so to retain all features, please wait for the release of V3.4.9.
Further instructions will be made available when V3.4.9 is released.

Launch the Google Play Store App.


Tap your account on the upper right.


Tap “Manage apps & device”.


Tap the “Manage” tab.




Tap “︙” on the upper right.


Remove the check from “Enable auto update”.