New Firmware released

  • Model name
    instax SQUARE SQ10
  • Details of the upgrade
    1. (1) Add the "Part color” function
    2. (2) Shorten the time from the start of autofocus to shooting (approx.30% faster).
    3. (3) Edited images (such as Photoshop) can also be printed from ver. 2.0.
    4. (4) Automatically switch from playback screen image mode to the shooting mode in a few seconds
    5. (5) Add the function to delete the print history
    6. (6) Display the Illustrations of auto printing setting when user switch on
Download Firmware Upgrade
1. Download the latest firmware file "FPUPDATE.DAT".
2. Save the downloaded file to a MicroSD card.
3. Set a fully-charged battery pack and the MicroSD card containing the latest firmware file in place, then
※turn on the camera. Be sure to charge the battery fully before use.

4. Press the MENU button and turn the COMMAND DIAL to display the menu "FIRMWARE UPGRADE".
5. Start the upgrading; just follow the steps appearing on the monitor.
  • (1) Choose FIRMWARE UPGRADE.

  • (2) The current firmware version is displayed.

  • (3) Upgrade to 2.01.

  • (4) Execute FIRMWARE UPGRADE.

  • (5) Do not turn off the camera during PROCESSING.

  • (6) When complete, turn off the camera.