Shooting Guide

  • Parts Diagram
  • Basic Shooting Modes
  • Bulb Exposure Mode
  • Double Exposure Mode

Parts Diagram

Brightness control
Self timer
Flash ON/OFF
Kids mode
Party mode
Landscape mode
Bulb exposure mode
Double exposure mode

Loading of a film pack

Load the film pack, aligning the yellow marks on the film pack and inside the camera. When the back cover is closed, the film cover is ejected.

Rechargeable battery

For instax mini 90, a rechargeable battery is used, allowing about 100 photos to be taken when fully charged. Before using the camera for an extended period, be sure to charge the battery.

Mode dial

Press the “MODE” button and rotate the mode dial to select a shooting mode. Enjoy the touch as if using a traditional 35 mm film camera.

Basic Shooting Modes