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Basic Shooting Modes

The instax mini 90 can capture beautiful images in the normal mode, but by changing the shooting mode, you can add more attractive effects to your photos.

Macro mode

Captures beautiful close-up images

This is a commonly-used mode you should remember for taking an attractive photo of a subject from a short distance away. It brings a subject 30 to 60 cm away from the lens into focus, yielding a beautiful close-up photo. If the subject is at a distance shorter than the minimum focusing distance from the lens, it may be out of focus.

Normal mode/Macro mode

The closest focusing distance is 60 cm. You cannot take a close-up photo.

You can take a close-up photo of the chosen subject.

TIP A The ideal distance for macro shooting is 40 to 60 cm

The minimum focusing distance in the macro mode is 30 cm, but the sharpest images are produced at a distance of 40 to 60 cm from the subject.

TIP B Use together with L mode for a dark scene

The macro mode does not require any complicated procedure, but when your photo is likely to be dark, use the L mode. In this mode, the colors in macro photos will be more vivid, making food look tastier, for example.

Brightness adjustment

Produces high-key/low-key photos as you like

The L, L+ and D modes allow you to adjust the brightness of your photo. It is possible to add a soft touch to the photo by making the color tone brighter. In the L mode, you can make the skin look more beautiful in a portrait photo.

D (Dark)/Normal/L (Bright)/L+ (Very bright)

Kids mode

Captures fast movements

This mode is suitable for taking a photo of a child or animal quickly moving around in a room or under cloudy skies. The shutter speed is increased, reducing blurring of images.

Normal mode/Kids mode

The shutter speed is not fast enough to prevent blurring of the child on a swing.

The shutter speed is faster, making the blurring less than that in the normal mode.

Party mode

Makes the background brighter

When using the flash in a darkened room, the background in a photo may look completely black. In the party mode, the light amount of the flash is adjusted according to the brightness in the room, making the background in the photo brighter.

Normal mode/Party mode

The light of the flash does not reach the background, resulting in a dark-looking photo.

The background can be seen more clearly, enabling you to recall locations vividly.

Landscape mode

Creates more impressive scenic photos

To make a scenic photo more impressive, the landscape mode is recommended. It shows a subject 3 meters or more away from the camera sharply.

Normal mode/Landscape mode

The outline of the windmill is unclear.

The outline of windmill blades is sharply seen.

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