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Bulb Exposure

Bulb Exposure Mode

The bulb mode enables the shutter to be kept open for an extended time. With this mode, you can take beautiful night view photos as well as fascinating photos of lights.

Bulb mode

Captures the night views and lights with long exposure

The bulb mode of instax mini 90 is a new feature in the series. In this mode, the shutter remains open while the shutter button is pressed (maximum 10 seconds). You can take beautiful photos of night views and of room interiors without using the flash, which are difficult to capture with other models.

Use a tripod for bulb mode shooting

In the bulb mode which reduces the shutter speed, camera shake often occurs. When taking photos in this mode, the use of a tripod is recommended. Attach a tripod to the screw hole on the bottom of the camera.

TIP A Control the exposure time in the bulb mode

In the bulb mode, the shutter stays open while the shutter button is held down, allowing you to change the brightness of the photo depending on the length of exposure. It may be difficult to adjust the brightness at first, but you will find it a great joy to achieve the optimal finish. The sample photos below were taken in a dark room. The photo taken at the shutter speed of 4 seconds shows the furniture clearly while maintaining the dark atmosphere of the room.

Note: The longest shutter speed is 10 seconds.

Shutter speed: 1 second

Shutter speed: 4 seconds

Shutter speed: 8 seconds

Try bulb mode shooting with instax mini 90 placed on a stable surface

For bulb mode shooting without using a tripod, place the instax mini 90 on a stable surface in order to prevent camera shake. Enjoy bulb mode shooting with various items seen in the street.

TIP B Use the bulb mode to depict room interiors in a natural color tone

The flash of previous instax models always emits light in dark places. In the bulb mode of instax mini 90, the flash is turned off automatically, even expressing the quality created by an incandescent light as it is. This mode is useful in places where flash photography is prohibited.

Normal mode/Bulb mode

The hangers appear too bright with the wooden texture spoiled due to the light from the flash.

The look of the wooden hangers under the room light is more beautifully depicted.

Use the bulb mode to prevent a bright spot in the photo

When taking a photo of a reflective object like glass, the light emitted from the flash reflects back into the lens, causing a bright spot in the photo. By using the bulb mode, this problem can be prevented.

The glass reflects the light emitted from the flash, causing a bright spot in the photo.

TIP C Try entertaining features offered by the bulb mode shooting

#1Mesmerizing night views sparkling like jewelry

In the normal mode, the maximum shutter speed of instax mini 90 is 1.8 seconds, which is not long enough to capture a glittering night view. Capture sufficient light with the bulb mode perfect for night scene shooting.

The light reflected on the river is also beautifully expressed.

#3Blurry trail of a person's movement

Take a photo of a person moving from one position to another in the bulb mode and capture a blurry trail of that movement. This sample photo was taken when the subject moved to a new position every 2 seconds.

Four images of the same person can be captured.

#2Trick with a penlight

One of the best way to enjoy bulb mode shooting is playing with lights. Draw text or shapes with a penlight while the shutter is open. The light trail will appear in the photo. This sample photo was taken with the shutter kept open for 10 seconds, the longest time for the bulb mode, allowing the heart-shaped light trail to be completed.

Use of a penlight makes photography more exciting.

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