Food Blogger.
Giving a new
recipe a shot.
After growing up surrounded by delicious Shanghainese cuisine, DJ Zhang first gave food photography a try after graduating college. The photos started as a way to remember restaurant recommendations, but quickly turned into a passion project. DJ’s photos gained attention on social media until finally she threw herself headfirst into the world of food blogging. After years of photographing, writing about, and eating food, DJ still hadn’t built up the courage to explore the other side of the food world. She’s proven herself as a pro eater, but stepping into the kitchen to actually cook, has always terrified her. But with the help of instax and the guidance of her chef friend, DJ took a shot at something she’s long been afraid of and cooked up a meal to remember.

“I want to keep spreading the word on good eats around the world and take more instax memories at the dinner table!”