be one-of-a-kind with
light and color

mini 99

A premium analog camera with
built-in LED lights that are exposed
directly to the film and produce a
unique INSTAX MINI photo.

don’t just take, give.


Color Effect Dial

Turn the dial to choose one of the 6 different color effects.

Brightness Control Dial

Turn the dial to change the brightness of the photo.

Additional Features

  • Bulb Mode
  • Double Exposure Mode
  • Indoor Mode
  • Sports Mode

  • Landscape Mode/Macro Mode

  • Manual Vignette Switch
  • Automatic flash (automatic light adjustment)


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Product Design

MODE button / Flash button MODE button / Flash button
Color Effects Dial Color Effects Dial
Manual Vignette Switch Manual Vignette Switch
Brightness Control Dial Brightness Control Dial
INSTAX MINI 99 picture


Point 01

Color Effect

Twist the Color Effect Dial and you’ve got six stunning analog color effects to fuel your creative freedom (all powered by color-changing LEDs located in the four corners inside the camera).

Turn the dial
Light Leak

Light Leak

Add a dramatic light bleed effect to your
*LED light emitted randomly from among 5 patterns.



Creates images with a yellow tint for a
timeless look.

Soft Magenta

Soft Magenta

Create soft looking images with a reddish hue.

Light Blue

Light Blue

Light blue creates a gentle, light and
refreshing atmosphere.

Warm Tone

Warm Tone

Use this mode to add a sense of
warmth & emotion.

Faded Green

Faded Green

Faded Green delivers a classic, filmic style to your photos.

Point 02


Use the Brightness Control Dial to choose from five levels of brightness. Combine this with Color Effects, Double Exposure and more.

Turn the dial
Dark Minus
Light Plus
Point 03


Manually adjust the lens to reduce peripheral light, creating a more artistic feel in your photos!
When you slide the “Manual vignette switch”, the blades inside the lens will protrude. The vignette function will be applied by shooting as is.



1 /3

Point 04

Bulb Mode Tripod

Press and hold the shutter button to keep it open (for up to 10 seconds) and take pictures at night or of light trails.

Point 05

Double Exposure

Press the shutter twice to create pictures where images overlap on a single photo.

Indoor Mode

Bring lightness to dark interior shots with Indoor Mode; beautifully capturing the subject and background in focus.

/ Macro Mode

Use Landscape Mode for a sharp picture when your subject is more than 3 m away. Macro Mode, on the other hand, allows for clear pictures of subjects 30 to 60 cm away.

Change modes by simply turning the lens ring

Sports Mode

This mode reduces blur when subjects are moving.

Additional features

  • Self timer
  • Automatic flash (automatic light adjustment)

be one-of-a-kind with light and color


Shoulder strap

Shoulder strap Shoulder strap Shoulder strap
  • Use the strap over your shoulder, not around your neck.
  • Make sure the shoulder strap does not hang over the film ejection slot.
  • When loading and unloading film using a tripod, please use the included Base Grip with Tripod Mount.

Base Grip with Tripod Mount

Base Grip with Tripod Mount Base Grip with Tripod Mount

Accessories*Sold separately

Camera Case

INSTAX MINI 99 Camera Case INSTAX MINI 99 Camera Case INSTAX MINI 99 Camera Case

INSTAX MINI album (Black)

INSTAX MINI album (Black) INSTAX MINI album (Black)

Instant Film


  • Images of INSTAX printing are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Allow a short amount of time for image to appear on screen once it is shot.
  • The above specifications are subject to change for performance improvement.
  • Please note that some specifications and appearance features may be changed without advance notice in order to improve the product.
  • Depending on the shooting conditions, the built-in LED light effect may not extend to the four corners of the photo.
  • The Vignette Mode may not produce a desirable effect in all shooting conditions.

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