Film that’s filled
with technology

Have you ever wondered what gives your favorite INSTAX photos their unique look?

The secret lies within the film, and we’re ready to share all >>>


What's inside?

Let’s start with an exploded view of INSTAX film. Whether it’s mini, SQUARE or WIDE, they’re all packed with innovations that make developing and printing photos possible.

instax film exploded diagram
image of light passing from lens to film

Snap it up

The real magic begins when you click the shutter. Light goes through the camera’s lens, hits the back of the film and your image is captured. This is called exposure.

Layers upon layers

Not only is INSTAX film just tens of micrometres thick, but each photo contains an amazing 18 layers, including photosensitive elements.

Why? Basically, different layers react to different colors of light, but when layered together they produce high-quality images with beautiful colors.

With decades of technological know-how, we can guarantee that when the chemical reaction happens within each snap, it’s controlled with high-end precision.

instax film consists from 18 layers
Image of developer spreading out entire instax film

A mini darkroom

Every single photo has its very own developer fluid pod, activated when the film is ejected.

This black fluid is evenly spread over the surface of the film by a precisely-designed roller, kickstarting the chemical reaction needed to develop photos.

Fun fact: The developer fluid is black for a reason… it creates a mini ‘darkroom’ environment inside the thin film. Clever, right?

In the frame

Each snap is beautifully surrounded by a white frame, which actually does much more than just offset your shot.
The frame at the top of the film absorbs excess developer fluid, while the photo continues to develop, gradually appearing over about 90 seconds.

And as tempting as it may be to shake the photo while you’re waiting, for best results, hold it steady and let it do its thing!

instax film develops slowly in about 90 seconds
instax film
Image of instax film being developed


This small film is full of big surprises.
Will you ever look at INSTAX the same way again?

Did you know?

INSTAX photos feature a look unique to silver halide photos, which are known to be some of the highest-quality photo prints around. Plus, they’re resistant to water damage, making them long-lasting even in wallets or phone cases.
Now, that’s some serious film technology.