What is Breaking?

What is Breaking?

The Beginning of Breaking (Breakdancing)

Breaking is a style of street dance originating in New York City, USA in the 1970s.
Breakdancing began as an outlet for self-expression, creativity, and a way to channel energy into positive forms of competition, ultimately becoming an integral element of hip-hop culture.

The Thrill of Breaking

Breaking competitions are called "battles" or "breakdance battles"
Breakers (dancers) compete in acrobatic dance battles, accompanied by music improvised by a DJ, going head to head to show off their level of expertise and artistic expression.
These breakdance battles are both 1 vs 1 or in groups. These are especially of note due to their dynamic presentation of immaculately performed and coordinated choreography.

The Four Elements of Breaking

There are four primary elements in breaking: Toprock, Downrock (or footwork), Power Moves and Freezes.
Each of the four elements further contain a variety of techniques, with dancers utilizing these in unique combinations that showcase their individual style and artistic expression.

Judging System

At the Undisputed Masters breaking competition, sponsored by FUJIFILM INSTAX, the Trivium Value System is used to determine winners. This independently developed system is now used at many international tournaments.
Breakdance battles are judged in three categories: Physical Quality (technique, variation), Interpretive Quality (performance, musicality) and Artistic Quality (creativity, personality), with each comparatively evaluated through the use of three faders.

Breaking x INSTAX

Breaking x INSTAX

FUJIFILM INSTAX Undisputed Masters: The World is Watching

FUJFILM INSTAX is a headline partner of the Undisputed Masters global breaking competition held by Undisputed.
The competition's name was officially changed to FUJIFILM INSTAX Undisputed Masters in 2022, with competitions held in five countries across the globe in 2023.

What is Undisputed?

Undisputed is an organization that was founded in 2013 to establish a world tour of prestigious regional breaking competitions as well as the Masters Championship, where winners from the regional events compete in a final showdown.
From 2014 to 2019, 52 tournaments and 6 Masters events were held under the Undisputed World B-Boy Series moniker,
and the Trivium Value System was developed to confer fair rankings.


Why INSTAX Sponsors Breaking Events

FUJIFILM INSTAX collaborates with Undisputed Masters to host a variety of events around the world. The partnership echoes the INSTAX brand pillars of fun, self-expression, creativity, generosity and inclusivity.
FUJIFILM INSTAX partnered with Undisputed upon recognizing that breakers' unique and powerful dance performances champion self-expression and creativity, as well as their mutual respect in competition, are reflective of INSTAX brand values.
The tournaments showcase exciting new generations of breakers and share the scene's illustrious culture with a wider audience.

Cultural Content


Breaking culture is more than simply dance—it also includes music, a unique judging system, MCs that build even greater tension during battles, and of course, the people who make the scene what it is today.

Get ready to "Break 'n' Take" with FUJIFILM INSTAX Undisputed Masters!

Promotion Videos


INSTAX worked with top breakers from the FUJIFILM INSTAX Undisputed Masters competition to create promotional videos for INSTAX products.
Here, you'll see how INSTAX instant photos capture dynamic moments, portraying both the energy and creativity of breaking, delivering a unique sense of fun and excitement.


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    Moves that combine steps with upper body movement while standing are called toprock. These moves allow dancers to showcase their rhythm and unique style. Many dancers begin with toprock before working their way into one of the other types of moves explained below.

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    Downrock (also known as footwork) is used to refer to steps performed while the dancer's hands are on the floor. Downrock comprises moves that range from simple to complex which dancers combine to showcase their originality.

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    Power Moves

    Acrobatic moves where dancers use upper body support to spin or launch themselves are known as power moves. Notable power moves include head spins, windmills (where the dancer rotates across their back and shoulders with their legs in the air) and flares (where the dancer supports their weight on their hands to rotate their legs). These moves require incredible technique and showcase the dynamic performance breaking is known for.

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    As the name suggests, a freeze is a brief pause timed to the music within a dance containing toprock, downrock and power moves. Freezes require strength, balance, flexibility and endurance, and allow dancers to express their individuality through the way they freeze and the shape of their body when doing so.