How to Use
the INSTAX Biz App
How to Use
the INSTAX Biz App

INSTAX Biz is a service that increases customer engagement by providing an INSTAX photo that includes a customized template.

Things You’ll Need

INSTAX mini Link 2 or INSTAX Link WIDE smartphone printer

The INSTAX Biz app is compatible with
 ・INSTAX mini Link 2

Operations are not guaranteed on the INSTAX mini Link.

Use INSTAX mini film for INSTAX mini Link 2 and INSTAX WIDE film for instax Link WIDE
Android or iOS smartphone or tablet
Use a device that is compatible with the INSTAX Biz app
Operation Guaranteed OS
 ・Android 10 or later
 ・iOS 14 or later
INSTAX Biz App for Android or iOS
Download and install the app from Google Play or the App Store.
Computer (or a smartphone or tablet)
Use a computer, smartphone or table create a PNG template image.

How to Use the App

Creating Your Original Template
Use image editing software to create a transparent PNG image
 ・INSTAX mini: 600 x 800 pixels
 ・INSTAX WIDE: 1,260 x 840 pixels

* If you wish to include a QR code, it must also be created (180 x 180 pixels or larger is recommended)

Save the image
Import image from the cloud to a photo app on your smartphone
Saving an Original Template in the INSTAX Biz app
Launch the INSTAX Biz app on your smartphone or tablet
Tap the “Template” icon at the bottom of the camera screen (2nd from the left)
Tap “+” under “Template Design”
Select an image from your camera roll

* Only PNG images are displayed.

Select the original template you created

・Only images of compatible sizes can be saved.

Tap “OK” on the preview to save and complete your original template
Configure Settings, Shoot and Print
Configure print details on the Template screen in the app
Tap the shutter button on the camera screen of the app to take a picture
Tap the print button to print your photo with the original template using an instax Smartphone Printer