breaking down barriers, and winning, on a male dominated track.

@amnalqubaisi_official is a race car driver in Dubai. She is the first Emirati woman to compete in Formula 3. We love the girl power vibes she gives off as she uses her creativity to stay focused and win on a male dominated track.

From a creative standpoint, what do you give? What’s the message behind your creativity? I feel like I give hope and inspiration to people who dream big like myself. I want to be a role model to push people to keep on persisting and prove those who doubt you wrong. My message is to keep moving forward, never give up and always be strong.

How did this all come about? What or who inspired you? It came about when I saw my father racing on the track and the different tracks he visited around the world. He sparked a little fire in me. I wanted to experience what my father was experiencing.

What role does instax play in your creative process? One way I stay mentally balanced is having a creative outlet like photography. I like documenting the people I love, my dog, my journey and moments that matter. It’s all inspiration to keep me going.

Do you have any current plans to take this to the next level? If so, what’s that next level look like for you? The plan is to win and move up. I'm currently in Formula 3 and I plan to move up to Formula 2 in the future. I also plan on opening an academy for girls and women who are inspired and have an interest in motorsport. An academy would really help those who want to have that chance.

What’s your mantra in life?My mantra is: We can only become what we believe.