redefining fashion by honoring the beauty found in nature.

@susanfangofficial is a fashion designer from China that creates one-of-kind sustainable accessories and clothing. We love that she’s inspired by the joy of strangers she meets and the beauty found in nature.

From a creative standpoint, what do you give? As a designer, I give inspiration and innovation by looking at the core of what beauty, nature and humanity is.

What’s the message behind your creativity? That beauty comes from within. The present state is created by a bundle of energy and our creations are always about the emotions of the moment. This abstract feeling is then translated into our work and brand vision. The most beautiful thing is already here in this world; to create them, I only need to go back to that.

How did this all come about? What or who inspired you? The essence of the brand came about when I stood before an old tree in the garden of Alhambra. A breeze brushed wildly through the dense leaves, and the sunlight shimmered through with the wind and light, into millions of beautiful geometric shapes. I was mesmerized…and felt that this, nature, is true beauty. I began my creations by finding the formula of nature, fractals, and how life and beings are one. This invisible tie feels extremely moving.

What role does instax play in your creative process? I use it for spontaneous moments that I want to share forever. When I see beauty and feel the energy, and I want to collect that feeling, I use instax. It locks your emotions and becomes new inspiration.

What’s your go to snack when you’re creating? A candy/chocolate bar is great, as it is really easy to transport and recharge energy.