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Model name
instax SQUARE SQ20
Details of the upgrade
Ver1.01Solved a problem that a camera can't be operated during charging with an AC adopter for some types of Smartphone.

Download New FirmwarePlease download a firmware file on a PC.

  • 1.Download the latest file "FPUPDATE.DAT" from the above button.Download the latest firmware file ”FPUPDATE.DAT” on a PC.
  • 2.Save the downloaded file to a MicroSD card.
  • 3.Insert the MicroSD card containing the latest firmware file to a SQ20 camera which is fully charged, then turn on the camera.
    *Be sure to charge the camera fully before use.
  • 4.Press the MENU button and turn the COMMAND DIAL to display the menu "FIRMWARE UPGRADE".
  • 5.Start the upgrading; just follow the steps appearing on the monitor.
    • (1) Choose FIRMWARE UPGRADE.
    • (2) The current firmware version is displayed.
    • (3) Upgrade to 1.01.
    • (4) Execute FIRMWARE UPGRADE.
    • (5) Do not turn off the camera during PROCESSING.
    • (6) When complete, turn off the camera.
  • 6.Turn off the camera.

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