Print Mode

Print and take instax photos
from your smartphone!

  • Simple Print

    Easily edit and print photos
    from your smartphone.

  • Video Print

    Print your favorite frame from
    a video!
    Sometimes the best
    photos are action shots!

  • instax Camera

    Tilt the printer to zoom in and out,
    then press the power button
    on the printer to take a photo.

Fun Mode

Print photos with others for even
more fun and excitement!

  • Sketch, edit & print

    Spark your creativity with this new feature in FUN MODE! Import and add your sketches or text to your photos, then print!

    • STEP 1

      Choose your sketches or text.

    • STEP 2

      Import the text or sketches.

    • STEP 3

      Align the text with your photo.

    • Print and enjoy!

    Click here for detailed instructions.

    Party Print

    Create one instax photo together!
    Turn on Surprise Mode to keep the
    final image a secret until it develops.

    • STEP 1

      With this function, up to five people can connect to create one instax print.

    • STEP 2

      Simply connect with the owner of the printer to begin your Party Print.

    • STEP 3

      Turn Surprise Mode on so the image that each user has selected is hidden from the other users.

    • What kind of image will be printed? Wait and see when the instax photo is printed!

    "Surprise Mode"

    Have fun choosing
    your photo!

  • Results will
    appear once image

    Match Test

    This mode is sure to be fun for
    Simply take a photo of
    you and a friend
    and answer a few
    questions to test your
    compatibility or
    let the app automatically
    do it for you!

    • STEP 1

      Perform a match
      test with one photo

      Perform a match
      test with two photos

      Take or Upload your photo

    • STEP 2

      Take the test

      Leave it to fate

      Select the test type

  • Frame Print

    Choose fun frame designs to add to your photo!
    *The frame will be updated constantly.

  • Collage Print

    Give your prints a more stylish look
    combine all your favorite photos
    Choose from 14 collage
    styles, and 3 split styles
    to divide
    one photo into multiple frames.