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  • Q. I cannot connect to Bluetooth properly in iOS/Android.


    1:Open the mini Link app and tap the “Settings” icon in the upper right.
    2:When the settings menu screen opens, tap “Bluetooth settings” at the top of
    the list.(Turn on Bluetooth on your device if it is not activated already.)
    3:When the printer is turned on, printers that can be connected are displayed as
    “INSTAX- ********” under “Devices that can be connected”. Tap the “Connect” button
    displayed to the right of the printer. Once connected, the printer is displayed as
    INSTAX-******** under “Device connected”. Connection is now complete.

  • Q. How many smartphones can be connected together with the printer?

    A. One. To connect another smartphone, you will need to unpair the smartphone that is currently connected.

  • Q. Why does the app ask for access to location services, etc?

    A. Location needs to be enabled in order to connect to the printer through Bluetooth.

  • Q. How can I find out the latest firmware?

    A. You can confirm this by checking "Check Version Updates for Printer" in the app settings when the printer is connected.

  • Q. I want to update to the latest firmware.


    1:Open the mini Link app and tap the “Settings” icon in the upper right.
    2:When the settings menu screen opens, tap “Check Version Updates for Printer”.(Connect the printer if it is not connected already.)
    3:If new firmware update information appears, follow the instructions on the screen to update.

  • Q. Which formats are supported by Video Print?

    A. Guaranteed extensions : The original format of videos taken in iOS or Android
    (mov for iOS, mp4 for Android)
    Length of video : Under 3 minutes

  • Q. How many people can use Party Print together?

    A. Up to five people.

  • Q. Which models of the X Series camera can be connected, and how can I connect them?

    A. All X Series cameras that are compatible with the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app are supported.

    To connect:
    1:Install the FUJIFILM Camera Remote and mini Link apps.

    • *Click here for more information about the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app.

    2:Select the image you want to print in the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app.
    3:After selecting the image to be printed, tap the “Link” icon displayed in the lower right.
    4:Tapping the “Link” icon launches the mini Link app. You can now start printing.

  • Q. What do the colors of the LED lights and the way they light up mean?

    A. Please see the table below for explanations.

    Normal operations
    White Flashing Updating the firmware of the printer
    Flashing in
    wavelike form
    Connecting to the app
    Orange Lit up Connecting to the app - Fun Mode
    Blue Lit up Connecting to the app - Print Mode
    Purple Lit up Reprinting
    Pink Lit up Connecting to the app - instax Camera Mode
    Rainbow Flashing Transferring image
    Red Lit up Battery low
    Flashing Battery low (charging)
    Green Lit up Charging completed
    Flashing Charging almost completed (charging)
    Yellow Lit up Critical error occurred (occurs when battery level is 0)
    Non-critical error occurred (occurs when a user attempts to print when there is no film left, when a film printing error occurs or when there is an error during ejection of a print)
    Minor error occurred (occurs when there is no image or when a user attempts to reprint when there is no film left)
  • Q. What functions can be used by moving the printer?

    A. The following three functions can be used.

    instax Camera mode Zoom in → tilt the printer inward
    Zoom out → tilt the printer outward
    Capture → press the power button
    Reprinting Press the power button while the printer is
    pointing downward
    Switching between Print
    Mode and Fun Mode
    Print Mode → Stand the printer vertically.
    Fun Mode → Lay the printer horizontally.
  • Q. The printer does not start when I press the power button. No LEDs are lit.

    A. Charge the printer first. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge the printer.

  • Q. Where is the power button?

    A. The power button is the area in the center on the front of the printer with "instax" written on it.

  • Q. What should I be aware of when disposing of the printer?

    A. You will need to follow your country's regulations when disposing of the printer.
    If you are unsure, please contact our support center.

  • Q. The printer does not reprint and the light is blinking in yellow.

    A. There is no reprint image. Reprint images are cleared when the printer is powered off.