mini LiPlay is easier to use than ever!

Streamlined Audio Printing!

・The sound recording time when capturing photos has changed from 5 seconds before and after shooting to 10 seconds after shooting.

・The recording method has changed from pressing and holding the Sound button to start recording. Users now press the button once.

・The screen now switches to the print screen immediately after sound recording.

* Settings can be used to switch to the previous operation method. *If your camera firmware is earlier than Ver.2.00 It is necessary to update the camera firmware.Please click here to download the latest firmware.
Image editing of “Direct Print”
  • ■Scaling and rotation

  • ■Filters

    Monochrome Sepia Auto
  • ■Correction

    Brightness Contrast Saturation

Two new frames added
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  • Relaxing time

*If you installed the dedicated app before August 11 It is necessary to update the app. Please perform the update before using.