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  • Q. Can I transfer Print with Sound photos to my new smartphone?

    A. Transfer data to a new smartphone as follows.

    • 1. Press “Data backup” on the app with your old device

    • 2. When the data backup completes, an email with a password is sent to your email address which is input in the STEP 1.

    • 3. Press “Restore data” on the app with your new device and input the password.

    *Please complete the above 3 steps within 48 hours from when you do “step 1”.
    If 48 hours are past, you need to start from Step 1 again.

  • Q. How do I use custom frames?

    A. Use the LiPlay app shortcut to access custom frames.

    • 1. Open the LiPlay app shortcut and tap the "+" labeled "Custom Frame".

    • 2. Select a JPG or PNG image from your device. You can move, resize and rotate the image after you select it.

    • 3. Set to a shortcut button to use.

  • Q. Bluetooth connection cannot be established with iOS.

    A. See here.

  • Q. Bluetooth connection cannot be established with Android.

    A. See here.

  • Q. I cannot connect LiPlay to my iPhone.

    A.Check the settings below if you are unable to connect the LiPlay to your iPhone.

    instax mini LiPlay App Permission Settings

    Some or all functions may not be usable unless the following permissions are allowed for your instax mini LiPlay app.
    If using iOS 13 or later, Bluetooth access is required for printing.
    You will be asked to allow access when using the following functions for the first time.
    - “Print”: “Photos”
    - All functions require Bluetooth access (*iOS 13 or later)
    Enable any disabled permissions from the settings screen.

  • Q. Where do I find the latest firmware?

    A. See here.

  • Q. How to I update the camera to the latest firmware?

    A. Save the latest update file (FPUPDATE.DAT) to a microSD card, insert the card into a sufficiently charged camera, turn on the power, and then select version update from the menu.

  • Q. How many smartphones can be connected to one camera at the same time?

    A. Only one smartphone can be connected at a time. To connect another smartphone, unpair the devices first. See here for how to unpair.

  • Q. Recording does not start, even though the record button was pressed.

    A. Press and hold the record button.

  • Q. What are the performance specifications of the camera?

    A. See here.

  • Q. Can frames and filters be used even after shooting?

    A. Frames can be used both during and after shooting, however, they cannot be used when printing photos from a smartphone (direct printing). Filters can only be used during shooting.

  • Q. I want to change the smartphone paired with LiPlay to a different one.

    A. This is an example of connecting to a different smartphone, (Smartphone B), when LiPlay and Smartphone A are already paired.

    1. On LiPlay: Press [MENU], and then select [BLUETOOTH SETTINGS] > [DELETE PAIRING REG.].
    2. On Smartphone A: From the Bluetooth settings of the OS, select to forget the LiPlay device (INSTAX-********).
    3. On Smartphone A: End the LiPlay app.
    4. On Smartphone B: Start the LiPlay app.
    5. On LiPlay: Press [MENU], and then select [BLUETOOTH SETTINGS] > [PAIRING REGISTRATION].
    6. On Smartphone B: From the Bluetooth settings of the OS, press [Connect] next to the LiPlay device name (INSTAX-********).

  • Q. After selecting "Do not allow access to location information" in the LiPlay app, the app no longer runs.

    A. This app requires access to location information in order to connect to the LiPlay camera. Please re-install the app and select "Allow access to location information" or select to allow the LiPlay app to access location information in the privacy settings for the app.

  • Q. The camera screen froze and stopped working.

    A. Please press the reset button on the bottom of the camera.

  • Q. The film cover is not automatically ejected even after inserting a film pack and closing the film door.

    A. Turn off the power, open the film door, and wait for 2 seconds or longer before closing.