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  • Q. Bluetooth connection cannot be established with iOS.

    A. See here.

  • Q. Bluetooth connection cannot be established with Android.

    A. See here.

  • Q. Where do I find the latest firmware?

    A. There is no latest firmware.

  • Q. How to I update the camera to the latest firmware?

    A. Save the latest update file (FPUPDATE.DAT) to a microSD card, insert the card into a sufficiently charged camera, turn on the power, and then select version update from the menu.

  • Q. How many smartphones can be connected to one camera at the same time?

    A. Only one smartphone can be connected at a time. To connect another smartphone, unpair the devices first. See here for how to unpair.

  • Q. Recording does not start, even though the record button was pressed.

    A. Press and hold the record button.

  • Q. What are the performance specifications of the camera?

    A. See here.

  • Q. Can frames and filters be used even after shooting?

    A. Frames can be used both during and after shooting, however, they cannot be used when printing photos from a smartphone (direct printing). Filters can only be used during shooting.